Saturday, June 9, 2007

The New Distributist League Under Construction

At the moment, I am working to develop this blog before I advertise it, nevertheless you have arrived here anyhow.

For starters I am the only member of the New Distributist League, although more will join soon. Secondly you may be wondering what Distributism is. It is a 3rd way, an alternative to the godless materialist utopias of atheistic communism, and atheistic capitalism, regardless of whether the latter operates under economic liberal (libertarian) or merely industrial bigger is better mindsets.

Distributism is primarily a Catholic economic view, although one need not be a Catholic in order to appreciate it. It makes work the servant of man rather than man the servant of work, and aims at a wider distribution of property not through its elimination as in Communism/Socialism (which is re-distribution) but by achieving widespread ownership through government regulation of the market.


Leo said...

I have been considering starting something like this, but I'm glad someone else has saved me the trouble. However, how does one go about joining?

Athanasius said...

To join, just send your e-mail address to me:
and I will send you an invitation. We are most definitely looking for new members :-D

Joe said...

in your sidebar: Tolkien, not Tolkein.

Matthieu Fecteau said...

I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts about Social Credit, a distributist reform theory. The Chesterbelloc Mandate blog has already touched the subject :

It is my contention that the financial system reform is the first step to a distributist society, otherwise we are spending our energy needlessly, IMO.

Athanasius said...

That is very correct, and the analysis is right on point. The stock market crash occurred because of money that did not exist, and it will be worse this time since people will literally not be able to afford to buy the food that is required to feed their families, whereas during the depression people could at least grow it.

Social credit probably would be the first cornerstone of the edifice of the Distributist economy, since if money was still out of control as it is today, no one could buy the property or the means of production necessary for a widely distributed economy.

Turning a full blown Capitalist economy into a Distributist one is something that could only be accomplished in stages anyway, just as it was established in stages from the corpse of the Roman slave economy. Chaos and destruction always result from attempts to do things overnight.

Leo said...

I must say, nice job on the design Athanasius, it looks nice, I can't wait until this is in full swing.
You're right about the depression though, as sad as it is, no one owns their own land, and no one has the know how to grow their own food anymore, the banks own everything now so much so that no one even owns their own home.