Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Capitalist-Socialist-Distributist Debate

For the article, please go to The Distributist Review.


Tod Torrent said...

Dear sir,

Are there any audio/mp3's of talks pertaining to this site?

Thank you kindly,

Fr. Scott said...

Dear NDL,

I am not sure if this site is still being maintained, but I wonder if there could be an explanation of the distributist solution to the incentive problem. I am not sure that there is a standard solution given or not. I was schooled in Austrian economics and cannot see how distributism can supplant the need for incentive. While I agree that on small scale people may work for the betterment of others, how will incentive to do so be provided on a national level? What could motivate people not to seek their own best interest?

This is the fundamental problem both of socialism and fascism. We can state it differently, too. What encourages the entrepreneur in a distributist system? I am not saying that capitalism is perfect, but it at least supplies incentive.

-Father Scott

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